Visit Coorg-Scotland Of India For A Small Gateway

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Kodagu or Coorg as it is fondly known as is a popular hill station down south in Karnataka. It is known for its lush green surroundings, hills covered with green forests and landscapes covered with coffee and tea plantations. This hill station looks breathtakingly beautiful and is an epitome of scenic beauty. It generally is considered to be the best destination in India for weekend trips with family and friends, especially for those who stay in Bangalore. It is often called the Scotland of India, because of its beauty. Getting to Coorg is no tough, one just has to reach Bangalore, Mysore, or Mangalore as these places are closest to Coorg and then board a bus for it. Although the best way to get to Coorg from these three places is by a private vehicle or by a private cab.

Coorg has a lot of offer to its visitors; there are homemade chocolates available for the chocolate lovers at most of the places. Coffee in Coorg is fresh and quite rich in smell, so it can also be bought as a memento for friends and family back home. Along with coffee, spices are also available in bulk at a number of places.

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Best time to visit

Coorg is an extraordinarily beautiful place, and if you are thinking of taking a trip down south to the Scotland of India, then the best time to visit it is between October and May. However, if you want to peak winters the ideal time to visit is between February and May. There are some beautiful homestays, hotels and resorts in Coorg, which can be pre-booked from various travel sites India.

The cuisine of Coorg

The Coorgi cuisine is mainly non-vegetarian and Kachampuli serves as the main base for all the dishes, especially the non-vegetarian dishes. Kachampuli is a black sauce which is made of the juice of the same name. Most of the houses in Coorg have this sauce ready for use and acts as a base for all the chicken, pork and mutton dishes. In Coorgi dishes, the use of green chillies if widely prevalent as they cut down the body fat and known to be healthier. Rice and bread with a rice base are eaten with all the dishes.

Some of the Coorgi specialities are Nooputtu which are string hoppers, otti which are baked pieces of the rice flour, pulao and rice flour balls known as kadumbutu, which can be found in every household. Except for these some of the seasonal specialities are kajaya which is sweet and is made from rice flour and jaggery.